We have connected with a wide variety of partners, vendors, and brands.

Our relationship with our ecosystem is built with the sole purpose of serving our customers better always ensuring they have the right experts avaialble to meet thier requirements.

A community dedicated to sustainable supply chain

  • Central control unit to connect all interface types
  • Various sensor types from on board weight systems, fuel sensors, and engine monitoring
  • Security, identification and payments integration out of the box
  • Standard integration to ERP, planning systems, WMS, TMS, and Digital freight forwarders

Standing shoulder to shoulder with you throughout your journey

Our relationships are categorised by function and deliverables. All members are listed below according the their function. You can contact them directly or discuss your requirements with us and we will recomend the most suitable partners for your use case and stand by you every step of the way.

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5 minutes with VC Investor: Martin Bodocký, Co-Founder & Partner @ Nation 1 VC

Meet Martin Bodocký, Co-Founder & Partner @ Nation 1 VC. Martin shared with us his insights on the state of the VC world, Czech startup scene and tips on which skills should the Founder or CEO embrace during these times.


From Silicon Valley: Jensen Weitzel

In our next From Silicon Valley interview, we talked to Jensen Wizel, the Managing Partner at Yabusame Partners. We spoke about the skills or characteristics that are most important for founders and Jensen shared his recommendations to Czech startup Founders.


Drive Business Value

Control your bottom line and and uncover new revenue streams by digitising your business in todays competitive marketplace.

Real-time visibility of your freight

Supervised view of your freight and cargo from warehouse to customer.

Optimise load for maintenance

Optimise load and reduce maintenance costs of trucks and trailers.

Compliance with Authorities

Ensure compliance with authorities for vehicle weight and safety.

Works with road vehicles, complex vehicles, and stationary objects

Our system works with road transport vehicles such as vans and buses through to complex vehicles such as those that have several diesel engines together with fuel tankers.

Open-hardware ensures compatibility across a wide variety of 3rd Party sensors

Our Central Control Unit Is a key component in all our deployments.  It contains all the necessary interfaces to to connect all our sensors together with 3rd Party sensors you may already have

IoT edge processing

The CCB also edge processing abilities ensuring computational activities can can be carried at the edge and send to cloud platform for heavy computational and integration activities on possible in the cloud.

APIs, EDIs, and Integrations

Our Integrations abilities allow for for building automated processes and creating highly flexible integration applications that and be configured to send, receive, and manipulate data through transformation.

Big Data Analytics

We also make use of standard and custom AI/L algorithms that perform both batch and real0time analytics on steaming data.

Digital twins are created for all vehicles allowing for further analysis specifically with optimisation of vehicle health and ensuring routes efficiency in real-time

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WHy Pimato

Outcome-Driven IoT Solutions

Device Engineering

Custom devices built for your specific use case.


IoT Platform

Industry-grade cloud IoT platform built on open standards.


3rd Party Integrations for actionable insights.

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Real-time visibility in supply chain with the internet of things

Subscribe to our telematics cloud platform and gain real-time visibility into your transportation & logistics