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Digital transformation. Automate your business in the digital age with the Internet of Things.

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Truck telematics for heavy-duty vehicles: Up to half the cost of running a vehicle fleet is fuel and truck maintenance. Want to reduce expenses on fuel consumption and technical maintenance?

Record engine operation hours

Understand operations in various workloads.

Measure fuel consumption

Control consumption across workload modes.

Monitor Fuel Volume

Implement preventative measures for theft.

Engine and ECU health check

Define diagnostics trouble codes.

Measure cargo weight

Prevent axle overload across your fleet.

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Enhance your fleet operations: Comprehensive telematics solutions for monitoring cargo status and optimising freight performance.

Mining Equipment. Monitor fuel consumption and operation modes of your mining and quarrying equipment in real-time.

Reduce operation costs, prevent fuel misuse, and optimise equipment maintenance of various types of heavy-duty vehicles. Suitable for rock trucks, bulldozers, crawler tractors, loaders, and power units.

Tanker Trucks. Measure precise fuel level volumes in all cistern compartments.

Monitor truck parameters such as geolocation and route tracking.  Additionally, standard parameters for fuel performance and truck operations help you understand driver behaviour through acceleration, harsh braking, cornering, speeding and high RPMs.

Garbage Trucks. Get notified of illegal dumping and help optimise fleet operations.

Monitor inefficient collection and transportation of garbage by understanding driver behaviour through acceleration, harsh braking, cornering, speeding and high RPMs.  Additionally monitor attached equipment such as blades and plates.

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