Pimato Modularity

Bring Your Ideas To Life

Modular IoT Solutions

  • Device Design & Engineering
  • Digital Platform for Device Management
  • Custom IoT Applications

How We Help You Accelerate Innovation

From concept to prototype through to pilot and production, Pimato can support every aspect of your IoT solution architecture. We provide full turnkey IoT solution development together with smart device engineering services.

Device Design & Engineering

Outcome Driven IoT Framework

Digital Blueprint

We align with your goals at every stage of your IoT journey. With a clear project plan and digital blueprint, we work together towards a successful business outcome and alignment to your digital strategy.

Rapid Prototype

Within a 6 week time-period, you can see the first version of your devices and a demo platform for IoT monitoring, management, and analytics.  We also begin to understand 

Scalable Solution

Finalize product design, incorporate operational processes and procedures necessary to scale through your business and generate new revenue streams through digital transformation.

Building Sustainability Through Data and Devices

PIMATO is a 21st Century company at the intersection of data models, connected devices, and rich experiences. Using the power of today’s technologies, we connect the physical and digital world to give businesses new, intelligent, and exciting insights on how to drive sustainability whilst remaining competitive.
Starting with the idea

Device Design Services

  • PCB Layout & Schematics
  • Testing & Verification
  • Incermental Prototype
  • Compliance & Certification
Turning Inventions Into Reality

Professional Engineering

  • Industrial Grade Design
  • Optimize BOM
  • PCB Assembly Test
  • Sourcing Modules

What we do

Industry-grade, commercially.-ready, cost-effective, modular engineering.

Device Design

We don’t claim to engineer space shuttles but we do our best to meet everyday, operational issues with customizable and scalable IoT solutions that are certified and ready for production,

By carefully architecting a platform that is built on security for the pruposes of device management, you can rest assured that performance is optimized and device health is maintained with measured lifecuycle management.

Digital Platform
For Device Management

Custom IoT

Get creative and use our powerful flow based application builder to deliver the results you want. Use a combination of business rules and machine learning to create dynamic and intelligent applications that deliver the real value of the your Internet of Things.

Not sure where to start?

Schedule a session with us to understand how IoT can drive new revenue streams in a competitive marketplace.
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