Applied AI, Data & Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure Modernization.

We are Pimato and we help customers accelerate their digital transformations to become more advanced, AI-driven organisations.

Automated, Connected, Experiences. Pimato's Cloud-First AI -Driven Solutions provide agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency for your organisation.

Pimato's five core capabilities provide business agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency for data-driven organisations.

Cloud Services

Optimizing cloud operations to ensure efficient, secure, and agile digital transformations

Migration &

Experience seamless transitions to advanced platforms enhancing capabilities through modernized infrastructure

MLOps &

Standardized & streamlined AI-driven solutions through scalable machine learning infrastructure

Data &

Deploy analytics enabled solutions for data-driven actionable insights  fostering quantifiable growth

of Things

Futuristic IoT solutions that connect assets intelligently through data-driven

Value-driven solutions through an outcome-driven framework delivered through various engagement models.


Systems Integration

We seamlessly integrate new data cloud solutions with your existing systems, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations through systems implementation of a variety of platforms.


Consulting & Advisory

Our experts guide you from strategic planning through architecture design, ensuring your data transformation journey is future-proof through strategy, diagnostic and advisory.


Managed Services

Whether it is application development & maintenance, trust us for comprehensive application management, security, compliance, and continuous cost optimization. Your cloud, our expertise.

Pimato's technology service pillars reflects our  expertise in helping businesses  focus on making faster data-driven decisions.

Cloud Services

Migration of workloads, infrastructure modernization, services-oriented architecture & microservices development.

Data Management

Extracting, transforming and loading raw data from structured and unstructured data sources into meaningful data structures.

Data Visualisation

Presenting data into meaningful information that provide knowledge & insights to businesses.

Advanced Analytics

Uncovering actionable insights that drive business outcomes using AIML models, algorithms, and statistics.

Pimato's Partners work strategically with us to provide industry standard best practices to our customers.

Amazon Web Services

Pimato leverages AWS's robust cloud infrastructure to deliver scalable, reliable AI solutions, enhancing operational agility and innovation.


Our partnership with Qlik empowers clients with intuitive data visualization and business intelligence, driving informed decision-making.


Teaming up with Insider, Pimato enhances customer experiences through personalized marketing strategies and advanced data analytics.

Alibaba Cloud

Leverage the power of Alibaba Cloud to transform your business landscape. Discover a world of possibilities with Pimato as your guide to next-level digital excellence.

Cross-Industry experience in Public Sector, Telecommunications, and Banking.


Public Sector

Pimato excels in the public sector, providing innovative AI and Cloud solutions that enhance governmental efficiencies, driving digital transformation and public service advancements.



In telecommunications, Pimato's cutting-edge data science techniques revolutionize network operations and customer experience, setting new benchmarks in connectivity and service.



Pimato leads in banking with AI-driven analytics, transforming financial services with secure, data-centric strategies that optimize operations and customer engagement.

Modernize your business by creating new revenue streams and optimizing costs in a competitive market place.

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Pimato's management team  consists of experienced leaders with many years of demonstrated success in helping companies deploy data and analytics solutions.

Naren Subramaniam, Group Managing Directory of Pimato Group Sdn Bhd

Naren Subramaniam

Group Managing Director

Deano Malling

Director of Operations
Thanigai Velan, Director of Cloud Services for Pimato Group Sdn Bhd

Thanigai Velan

Director of Cloud Services

Mary Guiney

Managing Director, Australia

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